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Rumor: Mysterious Pokémon Teaser Image Appears Online

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 17, 2013 at 10:30 AM

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Currently, the Pokémon Game Show event is going on in Japan, and a mysterious clip has appeared at the end of a video that played on the show floor.

You can see the video below, uploaded by YouTube user and show attendee SIZUMA1. The video is a celebration of the legacy of Pokémon, building excitement to showcase Pokémon X and Y at the end of the video. After that, however, a short clip of HD versions of Lucario and Blaziken appears for only a moment.

The Pokémon Game Show is also where the anime special based on Pokémon Red and Blue was announced.

We've reached out to Nintendo in hopes of learning more about the mysterious image.

[Via: Kotaku]


Our Take
It's exciting to think this could be related to a new HD Pokémon video game, perhaps something for the Wii U. I would blindly guess that if it is a new Pokémon game for Wii U, it's probably a new Pokémon Stadium game. It could be anything, though. It could just be video for the sake of showing cool HD models of popular Pokémon, or some kind of TV show or movie. What do you think it is?