Tiny Brains Coming To PlayStation 4 At Launch

by Matt Miller on Aug 15, 2013 at 06:28 AM

Tiny Brains attracted some positive buzz coming out of this year's E3, and now we know exactly where (and approximately when) we'll get to play it. Tiny Brains will hit as a launch title on the PS4, and releases at the same time on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam/PC.

Tiny Brains is a four-player cooperative puzzler in which players each control a modified rodent in a scientific lab. Each of the unique characters has its own special power that can be used to help solve puzzles, and the whimsical aesthetic offers up plenty of cute to go with the challenging navigation and brainteasers.

For players who are eager to check out the new downloadable game, Spearhead is bringing Tiny Brains to this year's PAX Prime, at booth 6305, where gamers can play the rodent-infested title for themselves.


Our Take

The indie options on PS4 continue to stack up, indicating that the new system should be a hotbed for creative games from smaller teams. Spearhead is formed from a group of developers from big titles at EA, Ubisoft, and Eidos, so here's hoping their first indie venture gets some added momentum by being a launch title on the new Sony console, as well as on the well established XBLA and Steam platforms .