Skylanders Outselling All Other Action Figures

by Matt Miller on Aug 15, 2013 at 07:24 AM

The booming toy sales are just one part of a wider success story for Activision's kid-focused gaming series.

A new press release from Activision claims that Skylanders toys are outselling all other action figures in the US in 2013, according to the US NPD Group and internal Activision numbers.

Including both toy, game, and related sales, the mammoth Skylanders property has produced $1.5 billion in revenue around the world. And while other games have sold more units, Activision claims that the recent Skylanders Giants is the best-selling console and hand-held game in overall dollars spent thus far in 2013.

Taken together, it's clear that Skylanders has established an impressive foothold in the business of mixing toys and games. 


Our Take
This touting of Skylanders' success comes a couple of months in advance of the release of Skylanders Swap Force in October. More significantly, the timing of the release is suspiciously close to the release of Disney Infinity on the 18th, in just a couple of days. Activision is about to get some big competition in the toy-meets-game space, and the company is eager to reassure gamers (and investors) of its established dominance.