New Kinect Software Turns Any Surface Into Touch Screen

by Liz Lanier on Aug 15, 2013 at 08:10 AM

If you've ever been envious of all those sci-fi movies where the characters can swipe and tap at translucent screens placed seemingly everywhere, Microsoft has the product for you. The latest technology, paired with Kinect, gives users the ability to turn any surface into a touch screen. As a plus, it's not nearly as expensive as you may suspect.

The software comes from Ubi Interactive (not associated with Ubisoft) and started as just a prototype product. Now, the software is on sale for consumers. The price ranges from $149 to $1499 depending on the version purchased, and must be paired with a projector and a Kinect sensor.

When paired with a PC loaded with the software, the Kinect sensor's 3D mapping capability allows users to click, zoom and scroll through web pages and applications just as it would be done on a smartphone or tablet.

[Source: cnet]


Our Take 
This technology is groundbreaking, and could be very usefully integrated into classrooms for more interactive and seamless presentations. While the footage of the technology shown is impressive, the gaming uses so far don't seem nearly as useful. It could be used, as shown, to create a massive game of Angry Birds by projecting the game onto a glass wall. But, until more innovative uses for gaming are integrated, you may not want drop a lot of cash on Ubi Interactive's software or a projector.