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Microsoft Expects Xbox One Controller PC Compatibility In 2014

by Mike Futter on Aug 13, 2013 at 02:46 AM

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In the past console generation, PC gaming has seen an evolution in control schemes. The Xbox 360 controller has become a staple for PC gamers in a number of genres, especially as the format has wooed back some who abandoned it for consoles.

In an interview with CVG, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One controller will be compatible with PC gaming. It's not an easy process though, and the target for making it all happen is 2014. 

Given the over 40 changes to the controller, including the more precise rumble, "dedicated work" is required to ensure that current games are compatible with the new devices. There's no word about whether a new wireless receiver will be created for PCs.

Currently, PC users have two options. A wired Xbox 360 controller will work natively. Alternatively, Microsoft sells a receiver for approximately $20. With the Xbox One controller, simply plugging in a micro-USB cable will enable wired mode.

[Source: CVG]


Our Take
I have used both a wired controller and the wireless receiver. Both work well, and there is no rush for Xbox One compatibility on PC. If you currently have an Xbox 360 and it's about to see scaled back usage, there's no reason not to simply dedicate your existing controller(s) for PC gaming.