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This Week In Mobile – Ultima, Worms, And Amateur Surgery

by Matt Akers on Aug 09, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Worms makes a comeback, Ultima IV gets a makeover, and Adult Swim releases another childhood-altering title, all in our latest edition of This Week in Mobile. Enjoy.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar
Developer: Mythic
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

Ultima IV (1985) is one of the most beloved titles of the franchise, and it’s now been reimagined as an action RPG for iOS called Ultima Forever. Undoubtedly a complex and perhaps “core” experience the first time around, Ultima Forever manages to maintain that flavor while granting a greater level of accessibility. The overall success of this game will largely depend on how much steam its dungeon-crawling multiplayer picks up, but for the low cost of $0.00 it’s certainly worth checking out. 

Mikey Hooks
Developer: BeaverTap
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

BeaverTap Games is responsible for last year’s iOS platformer, Mikey Shorts. Its sequel, Mikey Hooks, expands upon those mechanics and is getting rave reviews from mobile gaming websites. Run, jump, slide, and hook through 36 levels as you collect coins and silly outfits. Mikey Hooks may not offer much in the way of innovation, but its precision control scheme and challenging level design should appeal to platform lovers.

Worms 3
Developer: Team17
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

The Worms series isn’t known for drastic improvements from entry to entry, and Worms 3 doesn’t change that trend. What it does do, though, is offer a very polished, team-based, worm-to-worm combat game. One notable feature of this entry is a new class system that includes Heavy, Scientist, Scout, and Soldier. It also introduces strategic cards, which can be used before and after turns to alter the course of matches.

Amateur Surgeon 3
Developer: Adult Swim
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

This is the third iteration of Adult Swim’s Amateur Surgeon series, but the first one that’s free-to-play. As Dr. Ophelia Payne, players perform surgery under incredibly unsafe conditions with tools like salad tongs, staplers, and pizza cutters. Broken bone? Get it out of there with a chainsaw. Fish-infested wound? Shock it with battery-powered electricity. Not for the faint of heart. Please do not try this at home.

An Alien with a Magnet
Developer: Rejected
Platform: iOS
Price: $2.99

An Alien with a Magnet packs in a number of different elements – platforming, item-launching, puzzles, and even a bit of pinball. Tasked with guiding an alien safely home using only a magnet, players will have to carefully think about angles and paths for stage completions. Don’t let the player character’s dumb smile fool you, though; the 45+ levels included here can provide quite the challenge.

Let us know of any notable games we missed in the comments below.