Oculus VR Picks Up Another Id Employee

by Mike Futter on Aug 09, 2013 at 03:11 AM

Earlier in the week, we reported that id Software co-founder John Carmack has taken a position with Oculus VR as the new chief technology officer. (His relationship with id is ongoing, too.) Now, it seems that another id employee is helping to make virtual tech a reality in the consumer market.

Matt Hooper, creative director on Rage, has joined Oculus as the director of development. Hooper does not come directly from id, and had been separated from the company for six months prior to joining Oculus according to his LinkedIn profile.

Hooper will work of Oculus' Dallas, Texas office.

[Source: GameFront]


Our Take
There is likely no coincidence that Hooper and Carmack both signed on at approximately the same time. Having game designers on the team, especially those with experience at id Software, is a smart move. The Oculus Rift needs to be easy to develop for, especially early on in the retail cycle. Having a slate of games (and those with the relationships to provide support to developers) is key to getting off the ground with consumers fast.

Now, if Oculus manages to keep the price down as the company hopes, the puzzle starts to come together quickly. I've used one of the HD units, and I'm looking forward to getting more time with the device at Gamescom later this month.