Enter Our Trapt And Overblood T-Shirt Design Contests

by Dan Ryckert on Aug 08, 2013 at 08:52 AM

We recently wrapped up our Super Replay of Trapt, and fans know what that means. It's time once again for a contest to determine our favorite t-shirt design that pays tribute to our time in the castle of whatever-her-name-is. But that's not all!

In past years, we've also heard from many fans that wished we did an official t-shirt design contest for Overblood. Well, you've got your wish! We'll be doing two contests, and the winner of each will receive a prize from the GI vault.

Here are the rules:

  • No tracing! Submit only original fan art
  • No backgrounds! The final image should have a transparent or solid color background
  • Send designs as .png, .jpg, .gif, or .bmp. Keep the original PSD in case we need any tweaks
  • Send entries to (unless it's a sweet design for Goobers ring gear, in which case send it to me as well at

Also keep in mind that the design should be good for a t-shirt. Crazy-detailed drawings are cool and all, but simple designs are often best. Take a look at our other Super Replay shirts to get a sense of what winds up winning.

Good luck!