New Firmware For 3DS And PlayStation Vita

by Mike Futter on Aug 06, 2013 at 05:42 AM

 Whether you prefer the Streetpass-infused goodness of the 3DS or the beautiful screen of the PlayStation Vita (or both), there is new firmware for you available now. Both add neat features that will make using the devices that much more enjoyable.

The 3DS gets StreetPass Relay functionality
We reported not long ago about an enhanced way for 3DS users to earn more StreetPass tags. The relay functionality uses Nintendo Zone locations to gather the data of the last person who passed by. For those in less populated areas, this is a great way to earn more puzzle pieces, build an army for Warrior's Way, and save the galaxy in Mii Force.

The Vita gets a number of usability features
The 2.60 firmware upgrade for the PlayStation Vita includes a number of enhancements, but none is more important that increased functionality for the PS button. Now, pressing and holding it brings up a menu for altering system-level features. Airplane mode, WiFi, mobile network settings, Bluetooth and more are now more easily accessible.

Additionally, when using a PSP or PlayStation 1 game, the menu is brought up by pressing and holding the PS button. The home screen can now be altered with the physical controls, and trophies are now subject to privacy settings that can limit who can view them.


Our Take
One of the greatest things about contemporary consoles (handheld and living room) is the ability for platform holders to upgrade the functions. As a (happy) owner of both a 3DS and a Vita, I am looking forward to both of these firmware enhancements.