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Reader Discussion: Which Current-Gen Game Sparked Your Emotions

by Kimberley Wallace on Aug 05, 2013 at 09:05 AM

Considering how many hours we pour into video games, getting attached to the characters and world isn’t all that surprising. The most amazing part is how something so artificial can cause such a response, even getting into our psyche. Did having a child’s life in your hands make Heavy Rain terrify you? Were you overly protective over Clementine in The Walking Dead? Did Mass Effect’s finale cause you to tear up?

It’s time to fess up about the games that got under your skin. But please be mindful of spoilers and post a spoiler alert before you delve into specific moments. 

I’ll fully admit, I cried my eyes out during the finale of The Walking Dead. And the devastating abruptness of The Last of Us’s opening stunned me. Also, saying goodbye to the Mass Effect universe that I’d grown so attached to brought mixed emotions. I knew that it always meant to be a trilogy and prepared myself to saying goodbye to the cast, but seeing my journey end was bittersweet.

Why do you think the games that got to you this generation did so? And what do you hope the next generation learns from them?