Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior 8/2/13

by Brian Albert on Aug 02, 2013 at 02:00 PM

We're kicking off August right by clearing our backlogs, diving into undead drama, and getting reacquainted with some of the best indie titles of the past year. Also, one intern might have to spend another semester in school, though she probably has no objection to that.

Andrew Reiner: My sister is in town from Paris with her son, Sammy. Odds are, I'll only have short gaming sessions, which means Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Nintendo Street Passing for the next three days. A stupid hen just moved to my town and I have to work on making her want to leave. Wish me luck.

Ben Hanson: I'm not sure what I'm going to play this weekend. I still have a lot of The Last of Us to play though, but it isn't really grabbing me yet. Maybe because I edited our episode of Spoiled on it and know all of the plot details already. Outside of that, I'm sure I'll play some iPad games, I just downloaded Double Fine's Dropchord. Have a good weekend!

Jeff Marchiafava: I’ve been playing a lot of games featuring the undead lately, so I think this weekend I might take a break and focus on some of the 50+ indie PC games I’ve acquired over the past year. FTL, Hotline Miami, Frozen Synapse, and Monaco are all on the docket, plus a handful of new games I got from the latest Humble Indie Bundle – I can’t even remember what they are. I think I need help...

Kimberley Wallace: I am determined to finish Dead Space 2 this weekend. I’ve been trying to catch up on games I abandoned because I got busy, but always wanted to finish. Dead Space 2 is at the top of the list, and then I’m moving on to Deadly Premonition. True story, I’ve been distracted from Deadly Premonition three times now. I must right this wrong. 

Mike Futter: In anticipation for the imminent release of Saints Row IV, I'll be diving back into Saints Row: The Third's Steelport to finish up the DLC I've got waiting for me. I'll also be playing some more Stranger's Wrath HD. If I'm very lucky, I'll be playing the gorgeous Dragon's Crown. As a promise to give things a second chance, I might also try to get my head wrapped around the first Pikmin title (on the Wii). I didn't enjoy it in my first outing, but everyone tells me its worth a second look.

Kyle Hilliard: I’ve been sharing my gaming time between Picross e2 and EarthBound. It’s been long enough from the first time I played EarthBound where everything feels new. I still need to finish Arrested Development, too. I’ve fallen way behind on that.

Liz Lanier: I have a ton of studying to do to finish up a summer college course, but I just got Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. So there goes my weekend… and my GPA.

Brian Albert: This weekend I'm making a trip back home to Iowa. I'll only be in a vehicle for about seven hours total, but that will be plenty of time to get through The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Being away from my PC means I'll need to take a break from Guild Wars 2, but that should give me some extra time to power through a few more chapters of Blood Meridian.