World of Warcraft Subscriptions Fall To 7.7 Million

by Ben Reeves on Jul 26, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Today, Activision announced that it is buying itself out from under Vivendi's shadow, but that's not the only recent news coming out of the mega-publisher. WoW's subscriptions continue to decline.

We've seen World of Warcraft's subscribers continue to dwindle for a few years now, and Activision Blizzard's most recent report puts subscriptions at 7.7 Million, falling from 8.3 million subscribers only a few months ago. In spite of this shrinkage, World of Warcraft remains the world's largest subscription-based MMORPG.


Our Take
I don't really find this surprising. WoW has had a good, long run. World of Warcraft debuted back in 2004, meaning it's been a staple of the gaming landscape for nearly a decade. The game has been a massive cash cow for Blizzard for a long time, and even if it dies now, it will have been well worth its development. Personally, I'm eager for Blizzard to finally put the game to rest so we can see what the company has lined up next. And I don't just mean the company's next MMOs. I'm sure that Blizzard held off releasing another WarCraft RTS while WoW was active in order to avoid splintering the brand, but that may not be the case much longer!

[Source: WoW Insider]