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Canabalt, Aquaria Devs Teaming Up For Grave

by Adam Biessener on Jul 26, 2013 at 01:31 PM

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Adam Saltsman and Alec Holowka, two indie developers known best for their work on Canabalt and Aquaria respectively, are collaborating on a new project called Grave. “You might say that it’s sort of like Farmville meets StarCraft, or maybe Super Crate Box meets Desktop Dungeons,” according to the developers.

The obvious joke of that gameplay description aside, Saltsman and Holowka are not ready to announce much of anything about Grave other than its existence. Nonetheless, both developers are responsible for intriguing projects. Such a collaboration between creative individuals is always exciting for fans of unusual indie games.

The developers promise the first of many posts on the game’s official site next Friday, as they chronicle the entire development process. Grave is envisioned as a two-man project, so if Saltsman and Holowka keep their word you’ll be able to get a good look behind the curtain of modern indie game development over the coming months.

Grave has no announced platforms or release dates at this time.

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Our Take
Even though there’s not much concrete information out there (and by “not much” I mean “basically zero”) about Grave yet, Saltsman and Holowka have already proven to be developers worth watching. Their plan to extensively blog their development process is of particular interest; I suspect that there are a lot of gamers out there who would benefit from seeing how many ideas are brought up, tested, and discarded during the creation of a game.