Kinect Sports Rivals Is No Longer An Xbox One Launch Title

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 25, 2013 at 03:02 PM

The Xbox One launch lineup is still a work in progress, as evidenced by a new delay that will push Kinect Sports Rivals from day one into 2014.

The website Polygon broke the news, receiving official word from Microsoft that Kinect Sports Rivals has been delayed and will not available for launch. Some retailers (including Game Informer's parent company Gamestop) had been selling bundles of Xbox One launch units packaged with Kinect Sports Rivals, so it will be interesting to see how those orders are filled.

The game, developed by Rare, will be shown at the upcoming Gamescom convention in Germany and will be playable at the show.

Our Take:
I'll be honest; I'm not exactly losing sleep over the delay of this game. However, I do think it's a loss for the Xbox One launch lineup. By including Kinect in every system, the company is essentially forcing people to buy a Kinect, and – in my mind – it would be a good move to have as many titles available that utilize the peripheral as possible. Also, I am intrigued by some of the game's new activities, especially wake racing.