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Epic & NVIDIA Bring Unreal Engine 4 To Mobile

by Matthew Kato on Jul 24, 2013 at 04:37 AM

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At the SIGGRAPH tech conference, Epic Games showed off its Unreal Engine 4 on NVIDIA's next-generation Logan mobile GPU.

The Logan processor features Kepler GPU architecture that's featured in PCs today, and which Epic has used for its previous Unreal Engine 4 demos like the Infiltrator one shown above.

Also, the SIGGRAPH demo ran on OpenGL 4.3 – a feature set that Tim Sweeney, Epic CEO and technical director, says "brings to mobile devices the same high-end graphics hardware capabilities exposed via DirectX 11 on PC games and on next-generation consoles."

[Source: Epic Games]


Our Take
I'm not a tech expert, but you don't have to be to see the potential for mobile when you combine Epic's engine with a powerful GPU and tools. Epic defined this console generation with the industry's wide usage of Unreal Engine 3, and if Unreal Engine 4 is just as adopted and Logan is this capable, we could see some unbelievable-looking mobile games coming our way.