Horse Racing Meets Solitaire In Pokémon Developer's Latest

by Mike Futter on Jul 23, 2013 at 03:27 AM

Last week, Pokémon developer Game Freak began teasing a new title. Hopes were high that this was something to do with Pikachu and pals. It turns out that the title is an odd hybrid of horse racing and solitaire.

Reported by 4gamer and shared by NeoGAF, Soriti Horse will be coming to the 3DS shop in Japan on July 31. The title tasks players with a solitaire mode to improve the way the horse races, and a "control" phase during which the horse is controlled.

There's no word yet if this will be coming to North American shores.

[Source: 4gamer via NeoGAF]


Our Take
Quirky combinations can work as proven by the long-running LEGO series and titles like Quarrel (Scrabble meets Risk). Given Game Freak's history (Pokémon, HarmoKnight), this might work out just fine. For those hoping for an updated Pokémon Red and Blue though, this is no doubt a disappointment. Keep hope alive, trainers.