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Reader Discussion: Your Favorite Game Endings

by Kimberley Wallace on Jul 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM

It can be tough to reach the conclusion of a game. After all, we've been working up to that very moment. Sometimes we walk away satisfied, other times we're disappointed.

As someone who has felt both feelings, I always wonder what endings others think hit it out of the park. Irrational Games' BioShock series has been the most consistent delivering the types of endings I want. I love when I think about an ending well after I've beat a game. It's hard to deny that endings are becoming more and more important to us. The Mass Effect 3 ending left many fans fighting for something more, which led to DLC for more clarification.

As games start telling deeper stories, we're more attached to characters and tuned into what's happening in the story arc. The ending is the last thing we have to hold on to about a game. How many of you right after you finished The Last of Us went an discussed the ending with someone? The need to analyze and reflect on these moments are part of why our Spoiled! videos have become so popular. Discussing the end lets us put the game in perspective and evaluate if it's effective. Endings can be so wildly debated that it's fascinating to see a plethora of opinions on what games people felt got it right. 

What games feature some of your favorite endings? Why do you like them so much?

Note: If you're going to discuss spoilers, please put a big spoiler alert before you go into detail. After all, you just might entice someone to try out a game they never considered before, and who wants to be spoiled on something you consider one of the best finales?