sdcc 2013

Seen At Comic Con 2013 Recap

by Ben Reeves on Jul 21, 2013 at 05:01 AM

San Diego Comic Con isn't just a single day – it's a four day affair. That's four times as many days as a single day event. But you're not here for math. Here are some of the crazy things we saw during this year's show.

"There is a bird on the top of that building," doesn't normally look like this

Boba Fett's elusive bounty gets away from him

This kinda of name segregation has to stop

I don't think this guy really understand the cosplay concept

This Cartoon Network booth swallowed people whole

People were warning of several upcoming ominous portents

Ubisoft wasn't the only player in town with a pirate ship

Okay seriously the pirate ship thing is getting old

Game Informer's own Matt Miller can be seen getting into the cosplay scene

Ganondorf needs more work, so he came to the show to audition for the next Call of Duty game

Check out this guy's sweet Halo Cosplay

Check out this cool prison cosplay

Too bad she kills everyone she mates with. The cute ones always have baggage

A realistic view of what happens when you eat sugary cereal every day. Stick to fiber rich breakfast or pure sugar

Some cool pics of some of the custom toys for sale at the show

Check out this cool Lego building cosplay

Ezio bought all the cookie stands at the show and upgrade them call...This jokes sucks, I'm sorry

Come on feel the noise. Girls Rock your boys

People get to take pictures of themselves holding their favorite Monster Hunter weapons at the Capcom booth. Boy this pictures even lamer than the picture I used in the Seen At story from earlier in the week. I'm a failure