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sdcc 2013

Saints Row IV's Voice Cast Mouths Off At Comic-Con

by Jeff Cork on Jul 21, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Deep Silver Volition took audience questions in a free-form panel featuring Saint's Row IV voice talents Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, and more.

The panel included Steve Jaros, studio head at Deep Silver Volition; Troy Baker (the default male character's voice actor); Laura Bailey (the default female character's voice actress); J.B. Blanc, who voices the alien overlord Zinyak in Saints Row IV; and Yuri Lowenthal (Matt Miller, Professor Genki).

  • Players will run into members of Saints Row II's Ronin gang in the new game.
  • Jaros says that two separate teams came up with the idea for the game's dubstep gun independently. He blames the presence of beer in the office.
  • Jaros also says that players will learn how Johnny Gat is being brought back from the dead. He says that while silly things often get waved away in the Saints Row universe, they didn't want to do that with Gat. In other words, there will be a satisfying explanation behind his return.
  • Baker busted out his Booker DeWitt voice in an imaginary conversation between his BioShock Infinite and his Saints Row characters. "I came looking for the girl," he intoned as DeWitt. "Bring us the girl and we'll wipe away the debt." "F--- THAT!" he shouted back.
  • The alien Zinyak reads the entire first chapter of Pride and Prejudice over the in-game radio in the first part of the game.
  • The original ending included a choreographed Bollywood-inspired dance number. It was scrapped, but players can expect to see a bit of that flavor. "Saints Row is all about the arts," Jaros joked.
  • The first DLC called Enter the Dominatrix is coming 45 days after the game ships. It features a behind-the-scenes style narration as the characters explain why the content was cut from the game.
  • Jaros talked about the time during THQ's bankruptcy. He says the difference between Deep Silver and other groups that were investigating a purchase was night and day. They walked in and out of their offices and essentially said OK. It turns out, they were fans of what Volition was doing. One unnamed publisher seemed hesitant about Saints Row IV's superpowers, while it was a plus to Deep Silver. Jaros says Deep Silver has been hands off on the creative side, which has been amazing.
  • There won't be a pro-wrestling gang in Saints Row IV, and the zombie voice won't be returning. A joke is funny once, Jaros says. Wrestler Chris Daniels will be hosting one of the game's radio stations, however.