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Wargaming And Stardock Entertainment Obtain Atari Franchises At Bankruptcy Auction

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 21, 2013 at 06:09 AM

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Atari is currently in the process of filing for bankruptcy and much like THQ, it is auctioning off its assorted assets. Some of the sales have been established but unapproved, and more are expected to occur this coming week.

Below are the bids that have already been placed. The Sale Hearing to approve these bids is set to take place on the morning of Wednesday, July 24. Wargaming, the developer behind the free-to-play World of Tanks, seems especially interested in some of Atari's franchises. Stardock Systems, the developer behind Sins of a Solar Empire and the Elemental series, have also placed multiple bids.

Asset(s) Successful Bidder Back-up Bidder
Backyard Sports Franchise Epic Gear, LLC
Humongous Franchise, FattyBear’s Birthday Surprise, Math Gran Prix Tommo, Inc.
Total Annihilation Franchise Wargaming World Limited Uber Entertainment, Inc.
Battlezone Franchise Rebellion Interactive GamesLimited Tommo, Inc.
Master of Orion Franchise Wargaming World Limited Stardock Systems, Inc.
Moonbase Commander Franchise Rebellion Interactive GamesLimited


Star Control Franchise Stardock Systems, Inc.

On The Go Technology, LLC

Atari recently forced developer Beamdog Entertainment to remove its game Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for sale from Apple's App Store, as well as Beamdog's website. Beamdog is in discussions with Atari to reinstate the sale of the game, but it's unclear what the future of that game will be, or its planned sequel, an enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate II.

At least two of Atari's franchises have already been sold with licenses for the games Desperados and Silver going to Nordic Games. Nordic Games recently purchased the Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs. ATV franchises from THQ.

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Our Take
It's always sad to hear of legacy video game developers and publishers falling apart, but as it was in the situation with THQ, seeing dormant or under-utilized franchises going to other developers is exciting. Wargaming could do something interesting with a Master of Orion game, and the same can be said for Stardock and a new Star Control game.