sdcc 2013

Get The Comic Con Experience With Two New Themed Games

by Ben Reeves on Jul 16, 2013 at 02:05 PM

San Diego Comic Con starts this week, but if you're missing out on the action, you can check it out for yourself with this duo of new Comic Con-themed games.

The first game (pictured below) is a free iOS arcade game called Comic-Con Star Stalker. Developed by The Devastator, Star Stalker is a 2D endless runner that tries to emulate the crazy crowds and insane atmosphere of San Diego Comic Con. You can download the game here. It might prove useful when you're waiting in that three hour line for Blizzard's Comic Con exclusive tranforming Zergling/Baneling plushie.

The second game (pictured top) is a free-to-play tactical RPG from Sleepy Giant Entertainment and Free Lunch Design. While not directly based on SDCC, the game is set during a massive comic con-like conference where costumed fans become transformed into the very characters they emulate. The show floor becomes a battleground as the attendees-turned-heroes use their newfound powers to fight for factional supremacy. Comic ConQuest will launch on web and mobile platforms later this year, but players who register for the game by August 31 will receive early access (to the web version) and a set of virtual steak knives (in-game).


Our Take
I think Comic Con is great, but it would be hard to encapsulate its experience into a game, and I don't think either of these will be as cool as the Wreck-It Raph arcade cabinet we saw at last year's Comic Con (kinda of a shameless plug). Still, I think the fact that Comic Con has blown up into this massive pop culture event is pretty cool. Stay tuned later this week as both Jeff Cork and I roam the show floor San Diego's Convention Center and bring you all the gaming news that comes out of this year's show.