MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Has A $250,000 Winner

by Mike Futter on Jul 16, 2013 at 09:40 AM

Today in New York City, the two finalists for the MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge squared off in a $250,000 match. In a game that ended 3-1, Justin Chavarria's Texas Rangers triumphed over Brad Holland's Oakland Athletics.

Chavarria, a 21-year-old University of Oregon student is on his first trip to New York City. The past few months have been spent obsessing over MLB 2K13 on the Xbox 360. 

"I've played hundreds of games, probably pushing one thousand," Chavarria told us. "I played six hours a day during the challenge in April with school and work. I didn't play at all in May, I  took a break. Once school was out in June, I was playing seven or eight hours each day." Chavarria brought his father with him to New York for last minute training. "He's quite good at the game," he told us. 

Chavarria plans to pay off his tuition and save for law school with the winnings. "I'm going to also spoil myself and members of my family a bit."


Our Take
These contests are a great way for publishers to connect with fans and encourage loyalty from year to year. MLB 2K13 had its problems, as Andy Reiner noted in his review, but for Xbox owners there isn't another choice. Having a chance to win a quarter-million dollars no doubt helped motivate sales for some gamers.