Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo Rewards Announced

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 15, 2013 at 03:31 PM

Nintendo's Club Nintendo loyalty program page just unveiled some of the collector's items and games you'll be able to get if you've earned Gold or Platinum status.

To check out this year's hall of Nintendo booty, head over to the Elite Status gifts page. There you can see such items as a set of three posters (one of which is pictured above and quite cool) as well as a Nintendo 2014 calendar and a Majora's Mask original soundtrack. If you choose, you also have the option to get free downloadable games WarioWare D.I.Y., and the Virtual Console releases of Super Smash Bros., Link's Awakening, and Super Marioland.

To earn Gold status, you must have 300 coins. To earn Platinum, you must have 600 coins.

Our Take
It's great when a publisher gives back to its customers – and I really do love the artwork on the poster above. Still, the amount of coins you have to earn compared to how many are doled out when you purchase consoles and games seems a bit off. Buying a brand new Wii U only nets you 160 coins, just over half of Gold status. Individual game purchases like the upcoming Pikmin 3 only earn 10 coins (although some like Animal Crossing earn 40 for some reason). That seems like a lot of dough to put up for some posters or a downloadable game that really costs nothing for Nintendo to distribute. I got this wrong, per the comments below. I stand corrected. Per GI user Will Sora Layton: "OBJECTION! Pikmin 3 isn't worth 10 coins-you get an additional 10 for filling a pre-play survey. That will add to the 60 you get from buying the game."]

[Source: Club Nintendo via TechnoBuffalo]