Trailer Details Each Of The New Mii Plaza Street Pass Games

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 14, 2013 at 05:31 AM

Nintendo recently released a large update for the Mii Plaza which added four new downloadable games. You can learn more about each of the new games by checking out this trailer detailing all of them.

To access the games in the Mii Plaza you first have to update the software, and then you can talk to the bunny. He offers you the option to purchase the games at $4.99 each, and gives you a brief description of what each game is. Talking to the bunny can be a little tedious. Thankfully, this video gives you gameplay footage and much better descriptions of what you're in for.


Our Take
After downloading the update for the Mii Plaza, I was excited to learn about the new games, but talking to the bunny felt like trying to have a conversation with Fi in The Legend Zelda: Skyward Sword. This trailer gives a much better idea of what to expect from these titles.