Report: Microsoft Reorganization To Be Announced Today

by Mike Futter on Jul 11, 2013 at 02:56 AM

Update: Microsoft has announced its reorganization plans. We've detailed how this impacts the Xbox One here.


Original Story:

Microsoft hasn't had a quiet week to build positive buzz for the Xbox One since the console was announced in late May. Most recently, interactive entertainment president Don Mattrick left the company for Zynga and reports have indicated a major shakeup in Microsoft's organizational structure. New reports indicate that things will come into focus today.

According to All Things D, the shift in approach is designed to eliminate overlap and organize around hardware and software offerings. As we reported last week, current Windows chief Julie Larson-Green is the current front-runner from the hardware post. This would put Larson-Green at the head of Surface tablets and the Xbox One launch.

[Source: All Things D]


Our Take
What I'm looking for out of this reorganization is what it means for the Xbox One. A post-shuffle structure needs to be focused on rebuilding consumer loyalty in the gaming space and addressing the negative buzz surrounding the Xbox One. It's already a difficult situation to navigate, and setting the right tone and staying on message will be key to wooing back those disappointed with the Xbox One's current trajectory.