3DS Mii Plaza Gets An Update With New Games And Hats

by Mike Futter on Jul 11, 2013 at 04:18 PM

It's time to get excited about that little green light on your 3DS all over again. If you've conquered Find Mii, rescued your kin in Find Mii 2, and have acquired all of the Mii hats, there's a reason to return to the Mii Plaza.

Nintendo has brought Japan's recent Mii Plaza updates to North America, and you can take advantage of new content right now. When you enter the Mii Plaza the next time, you'll receive a message asking you if you'd like to give it a makeover.

A brief update (ours took no more than five minutes) and a restart of the software are all that it takes to get started on four new games. Mii Force is a spacefaring shoot 'em up. Your Streetpass Miis serve as pods that can either add an additional weapon or enhance an existing one.  

Flower Town tasks players with growing flowers with which you can decorate a garden. As you Streetpass other 3DS users, you'll bloom new plants.

Warriors Way is a strategy title in which players build armies. As you meet people via Streetpass, your army grows in proportion to the number of people in their plazas. Meeting someone else with Warrior's Way triggers a battle in which the victor gains soldiers and the loser sees some depart. 

Monster Manor is an RPG with action elements. As an investigator, you and your assistant are trapped in a haunted mansion. Meeting people via Streetpass allows you to progress to find the stairs to the next level.

The new hats that are available are accessed via tickets earned in these new games. They are traded in on the Plaza screen and seem to rotate each day. As usual, you can use the Miis you Streetpass in each game without exhausting them.

Each of the four new titles comes with a $4.99 price tag. A bundle is available only when you purchase your first, giving you access to all of them for $14.99.


Our Take
The Mii Plaza offerings were already addictive. These new entries make the Streetpass light even more exciting, especially if you've gone through Find Mii and Find Mii 2 to unlock all the hats. These games aren't terribly deep, but they do offer the same kind of charming experience that makes the 3DS a must-have for conventions and travel.