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Lego Normandy SR-2 Is Eight Feet Long, Deprived North America Of Black Bricks

by Mike Futter on Jul 05, 2013 at 08:14 AM

Ktorrek's name probably isn't real, but his skill at Lego building is. The architect has constructed an eight-foot long Mass Effect Normandy SR-2.

According to Ktorrek's Flickr album, at one point he had purchased every 2x4 black brick in North America off of Bricklink, a large but unofficial marketplace for the building blocks. According to his notes, the project (which began in February) spanned 225 hours and 15,000 bricks. 

The Normandy name is painted on, but the other insignia are made with bricks. It also still isn't quite complete, as he's working on refining the back end of Commander Shepard's ship.  You can see the rest of the images on Ktorrek's Flickr page along with images of his Normandy SR-1, Mako, and numerous other creations.

[Source: Flickr via Twitter]