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Bazaar Of The Four Winds Kicks Off Fortnightly Guild Wars 2 Updates

by Matt Akers on Jul 02, 2013 at 10:11 AM

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As part of Guild Wars 2’s Living Story, ArenaNet has confirmed that it will be adding new content to the game every 14 days. Players can download the latest content update, Bazaar of the Four Winds, on July 9.

Bazaar of the Four Winds contains new events such as an Omnomberry Juice drinking contest and a Sky Crystals scavenger hunt in Labyrinthine Cliffs. The release also brings new back items, the introduction of quartz for item crafting, and a new PvP map, Skyhammer. 

One of the most notable features included in this update is the implementation of an achievement rewards system. As total achievement scores grow, players will gain access to weapon skins, armor skins, and permanent account bonuses. Laurels, gold, and items are also available to earn. 

A live preview with developers will stream on July 8. It can be accessed here