This Week In Mobile: Magic 2014, Layton Brothers, And More

by Matt Akers on Jun 28, 2013 at 11:13 AM

Each game in this week’s mobile roundup represents a different genre. We’ve got mech combat, horror adventure, and a pleasantly surprising action-RPG made just for iOS. Happy downloading.

ExZeus 2
Developer: HyperDevbox
Platforms: Android; iOS
Price: $3.51; $3.99

ExZeus 2 is mobile arcade action at its best. Players take on the role of a giant, airborne mech warrior as they fight in the air, on the ground, and even on a motorcycle. This game does a fine job of keeping gameplay interesting, incorporating a level system, challenging boss battles, and gyro steering controls. It’s unclear why the Android version is so randomly priced.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn
Developer: Freyr Games
Platforms: Android; iOS
Price: $2.99

If Borderlands Legends left you disappointed, get your fill of quirky, futuristic Western loot-grabbing on the go with Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn. This FPS/RPG hybrid offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, four combat classes, and a complex skill tree. With a considerable amount of content included, this app is a solid bang for your buck.

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
Developer: Level-5
Platform: iOS
Price: Free; $1.99 and $2.99 for additional case packs

This game was originally developed as part of the Atamania puzzle game series, but eventually got rebranded as a spin-off of the DS/3DS Professor Layton series. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room isn’t filled with dozens of mini-puzzles, however. It follows Professor Layton’s son, Alfendi Layton, as he pieces clues together from various crime scenes and interrogates suspects. The first two cases are free. 

Magic 2014
Developer: Wizards of the Coast
Platforms: Android tablets; iPad
Price: Free trial; $9.99 for full game

Legend has it that Magic: The Gathering was the first trading card game ever made. For those who have always wanted to give it a proper try, Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 offers a comprehensive tutorial of the game’s mechanics. It’s free to download, but you’ll have to invest $9.99 for full access to decks and features. 

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Developer: Benjamin Rivers
Platform: iOS
Price: $2.99

Though brief, Home offers a unique mobile gaming experience. A hybrid between horror and adventure game, it suggests to players on startup that they should turn off the lights, plug in headphones, and play the entire game in one sitting. It takes a little over an hour. The developer of the game has dedicated a space for players to interpret their experiences with the game here

League of Evil 3
Developer: Ravenous Games
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

League of Evil 3 is an extremely difficult game that will test both your patience and sanity. Don’t let that deter you, though. The third installment to this mobile platformer series is the best one yet, and it’s evident that the developers have been meticulous in creating challenging level designs. Saws, spikes, guards, and robots populate the game’s 80+ levels. 

Spiral: Episode 1
Developer: Pixel Hero Games
Platform: iOS
Price: $4.99

Spiral, an original 3D action-RPG, was developed exclusively for iOS. Unlike many RPG’s in the App Store that try their hardest to emulate the console experience, this one is proudly at home on the touch screen. Using the Unreal Engine, it successfully blends an attractive art style, simple combat, and a compelling story. This is the first episode in the Spiral trilogy and shouldn’t be missed.

Motion Tennis
Developer: Rolocule Games
Platforms: iOS + Apple TV
Price: $7.99

Motion Tennis earned a spot on this list because it offers something different: the opportunity to use your iPhone as a motion controller. Rolocule, who specializes in games that use motion sensing technology, has created an interesting experience for iOS users. With this game, the iPhone acts as a virtual tennis racket as players serve and volley on their televisions. Note: Apple TV is required to use this app. 

Hero of Many
Developer: Trickster Arts
Platforms: Android; iOS
Price: $3.99 

Hero of Many is about ambiance and discovery. In this game, players guide a nameless, abstract protagonist through beautifully-crafted levels, solving organic puzzles along the way. There is a story here, told through images and music, but there are no points. While the feel of this game may not be unique, it’s definitely worth checking out.