Get A Deeper Look At How Frostbite 3 Makes Battlefield 4 Special

by Mike Futter on Jun 24, 2013 at 07:06 AM

When we were in Los Angeles for E3 2013, we got our first look at Battlefield 4's multiplayer action. Corny "levelution" nickname aside, Frostbite 3's power and the way it enables a new scope of environmental destruction caught our attention.

In the following video, you'll get a point-by-point look at all of the ways DICE is innovating with its next iteration of the Frostbite engine. From dynamic wind effects to server-side water movement that enables deeper gameplay on the high seas, the new engine (which will be powering all of EA's next-generation, non-sports titles) is something fascinating to see in action.

If you missed our coverage of Battlefield 4 from E3, be sure to catch up on it and learn all about how EA and DICE are smartly iterating and innovating on the series.