Garry's Mod Creator's Rust Is Minecraft Meets Stalker Meets Day Z

by Mike Futter on Jun 24, 2013 at 12:10 PM

Garry Newman, creator of the much adored Garry's Mod, is working on a new title currently in Alpha. Take the harvesting and creation aspects of Minecraft, the radiation danger of Stalker, and the prowling undead of Day Z, mix them together, and you've got Rust.

The environment is as harsh as the one found in Day Z, but right now there is no way for players to communicate. This inspires mistrust, and players are encouraged to strike first before they end up a possessionless corpse. 

If you do manage to survive, you can use your hatchet to harvest materials to build structures, improve those dotting the landscape, and set up perimeter defenses. If you die, you lose everything except the blueprints you've acquired. 

In that regard, Rust evokes elements of roguelikes. In that regard, building a coalition of people (after getting over the "kill everyone" mentality), establishing defenses, and surviving attacks from other players will contribute to emergent narrative. 

The title is still in Alpha (currently closed due to the press its been receiving), but keep your eyes on the forums and official blog for news about availability. You can read more on Garry's Blog.

[Source: Garry's Blofg]