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See An Assassin's Batman-Killing Contract

by Joe Juba on Jun 24, 2013 at 10:43 AM

When the Black Mask hires you to kill Batman, you want to make sure you have a legally binding contract. Otherwise, you might not get your $50,000,000 payout. Just such a contract was sent to the GI offices, and we scanned all the info and reference photographs that a would-be assassin requires.

The only out-of-place item seems to be the t-shirt; if you're working for the Black Mask, you might not want to wear the team t-shirt declaring your allegiance. Maybe just keep that for a pajama shirt or something? The other stuff in the package makes more sense: a Gotham City Police bulletin, a strategic map, blurry Batman photos, and a written threat. All in day's work! Check out all of the paper items in the image gallery below.

Of course, this is all tied into the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins game, which you can learn all about thanks to our previous extensive coverage.