Insomniac Breaks Down The Sunset Overdrive E3 Trailer

by Mike Futter on Jun 20, 2013 at 12:30 PM

One of the questions we had coming out of the Microsoft press conference at E3 was about Sunset Overdrive. Sure, the footage we saw looked great, but we still knew very little about the title.

Today, Insomniac's CEO Ted Price and creative director Drew Murray walked viewers through the cinematic trailer. It's not until we watched the footage with their commentary that we realized all the little things peppered throughout. 

The pair discuss the open-world design, the emphasis on verticality, and the importance of traversal around the city. Additionally, the team describes Sunset Overdrive as a living world that will be updated over time with feedback from the community. There is also discussion about momentum-based gameplay (which we imagine to be something similar to Bizarre Creations' The Club) and Insomniac's unique approach to weapons. One example is a vinyl album shooter that they describe as "a throwback version of the dubstep gun from Saints Row IV."

There was no gameplay shown today, but the conversation about the concept for Sunset Overdrive was fascinating.

Our video embed cuts off, but never fear. You can watch the whole thing on Insomniac's Twitch channel.