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Gameplay Capture Gets Easier For Hauppauge Owners

by Brian Albert on Jun 20, 2013 at 07:39 AM

While recording gameplay video should be a breeze on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, for now, it’s often accomplished through external hardware.

Hauppauge, manufacturer of the popular HD PVR 2 video recorder, has released an updated capture program called, fittingly, “Hauppauge Capture.” It can be downloaded for free and used by all HD PVR 2 owners.

The program adds a slew of features that make streaming and sharing gameplay easier, including a built-in audio mixer, a simpler video editor, a logo inserter, improved YouTube functionality, and streaming options for both Twitch and Ustream.

While Hauppauge’s new application looks impressive, it may be difficult to compete (assuming it will support next-gen consoles) with the PlayStation 4’s built-in share button or Microsoft’s Twitch partnership. We still don’t know the full details of these features, but we do know Sony is planning on giving developers control over the share button.

This means, potentially, that developers have the option to keep you from streaming certain boss fights, hidden oddities, or other moments. It may sound strange, but it's already happened with screenshot functionality on the PlayStation Vita.

Will you stick with next-gen’s baked-in recording options, or does a third-party solution seem like a better choice?

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Los Angeles, CA-  Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAUP) has announced at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles that users of its popular gaming video recorder 'HD PVR 2' now have a new all-in-one recording, streaming and editing application.  'Hauppauge Capture' is a powerful video capture application which allows console and PC gamers to both record and live stream their game play along with commentary. Hauppauge Capture is a free download for all HD PVR 2 owners. Hauppauge Capture provides:

Built-in audio mixer to adjust the audio volume from game play and microphone audio

“One touch “ recording of live game play

Live stream game play with chat via Twitch or Ustream using the built-in Hauppauge hardware boosted SteamEez application

Quick editing with the 'cuts only' video editor

Personal logo inserter

YouTube upload

Hauppauge Capture provides a built-in audio mixer to combine game chat with game audio. The audio mixer is for both recording and streaming game play, and uses a microphone plugged into the recording PCs 'Mic input'. Hauppauge Capture's mixer has independent volume control of game and chat audio. Hauppauge Capture also supports the HD PVR 2’s built-in record button, which is mounted in the top cover of all HD PVR 2 models, to allow users to instantly start and stop recordings directly from their HD PVR 2. 

Hauppauges' SteamEez application, built into Hauppauge Capture, uses the HD PVR 2 hardware video encoder to stream live game play via Twitch or Ustream. Gamers can create high quality, low bit rate streaming game events for Twitch or Ustream followers. The built-in hardware video encoding means live streaming over the Internet will require minimal system resources. 

The HD PVR 2 device is a small video recorder which records Xbox, PS3, WiiU or PC gaming play in full 1080p HD using a studio quality video encoder chip. The new Hauppauge Capture application uses the HD PVR 2 device to provide high quality video recording and streaming for game play. Hauppauge Capture includes a simple to use quality slide control allows users to choose their recording and streaming quality level. Hauppauge Capture runs on a Windows laptop or desktop PC using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Hauppauge Capture will help users to maximise their game recording experience, benefiting from ‘one-click’ functionality for  Capture, Edit, YouTube, SteamEez, Settings, all in one application. Here is a screenshot of the Hauppauge Capture application.

A personal logo inserter also allows users to “burn” a personalised logo directly into their recordings. It’s an all-in one gaming application designed for gamers by gamers! 

The new look application is available for download from