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See The PlayStation 4 Interface In Action

by Matthew Kato on Jun 19, 2013 at 05:11 AM

E3 has come and gone, but Sony continues to divulge more information about its PlayStation 4 system. This informative video shows some of the console's interface, social functions, and seamless game access.

The video from Sony's official YouTube channel offers some insight into how some of the PS4's components like video sharing and friends functionality work with each other and in games. Here are a few of the takeaways.

Main Interface & Friends

  • The panel-based page shows your games, your friends' recent activities (such as what they are playing/have purchased), access to the PlayStation store, and more
  • Clicking into friends' profiles shows their Trophies (including when they won it and what for), their friends, recent activities, shared videos/personal info, etc. Sony has confirmed that you can choose to appear by your PSN ID to outsiders and by your real name to friends
  • Friends' activities can be "liked"


  • After watching a friend's shared video, you can hit the onscreen Start command to begin playing that game (assuming you own it) or hit the PlayStation button on your controller to return to another title you're already playing
  • The clips in this demo video are both 32 seconds long. It's unknown if this will be the maximum time allowed for clips

Game Purchasing

  • Game pages allow you to start downloading a title's single- or multiplayer modes separately after purchase. It's unknown if this will be available for all games
  • A game's page also shows any demo options, shared videos about the title, and video previews and offers from the developer
  • An "Activity Feed" is listed for each game. This could surface any videos, messages, etc. about that title, but it's unknown exactly what you'll see here
  • While a game is downloading, you can return to your game by hitting the PlayStation button on the controller

Phones, Messaging & Multiplayer

  • The PS4 features text-predictive messaging if you type with your controller
  • Message indicators from your friends will overlay on top of the screen while you're playing
  • Your responses to friends' messages will appear below their initial text. It's unknown how long a single conversation can be. Chat sessions with multiple people/responses are possible
  • Multiplayer sessions will show who's in that session, its elapsed time, and more before you enter that session
  • Clans can be formed among your PSN friends of at least 18 people
  • PS4 gameplay videos from friends can be viewed on your phone. Games can also be purchased and downloaded to your PS4 from your phone

[Source: Sony]