Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics DLC Out Today For VIP Members

by Mike Futter on Jun 18, 2013 at 06:35 AM

If you've been itching to rev up your lancer, but have grown tired of the existing Gears of War: Judgment maps, perhaps today's new DLC will lure you back in. Epic Games has announced that today's new expansion, titled Lost Relics, brings four new maps, one new mode, and new character and weapon skins.

Three of the maps (returning arena Checkout and the new Lost City and Museum battlegrounds) are playable across most modes. The last, Ward, is exclusively designed for Overrun.

The new mode, Breakthrough, is an asymmetrical game type. The offense is tasked with carrying a flag to a goal point. The defense is responsible for making sure that doesn't happen. To make matters more complicated, the offense has a limited life pool, while the defense knows no such barriers. 

Those who purchased the VIP pass can get in on the action today. Lost Relics joins the Call to Arms map pack, rounding out the content included with the VIP Pass. If you're looking to buy this DLC pack a la carte, you'll be able to do so next week for 1,000 Microsoft points ($12.50).