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Mark Meer, Voice Of Commander Shepard, Doesn't Play Fair

by Mike Futter on Jun 17, 2013 at 03:54 PM

How did we ever live in a world without video game voice actors? Okay, it wasn't really that bad, but it's hard to deny that the likes of Nolan North, Troy Baker, Jennifer Hale, and Ali Hillis don't add something magical to the gaming experience. But what if they used their powers... for evil?

In the video below, Mark Meer uses his dulcet tones to rally the forces of Darren to fight an alien scourge. Alone. Stick around after the credits. Regardless of what you thought of the ending of Mass Effect 3, I can guarantee this one will satisfy. (Also, our fingers are crossed for a sequel with Jennifer Hale as FemShep.)

This is the second Sneaky Zebra video to be featured here. The first was a Borderlands 2 cosplay music video. If you missed it, that's worth your time, too.