e3 2013

Planetside 2 'Looks Like PC On Max Settings,' Supports Vita Remote Play

by Mike Futter on Jun 14, 2013 at 03:45 PM

We sat down with Planetside 2's executive producer Clint Worley and senior art director Tramell Isaac to talk about why their work is something prospective PlayStation 4 owners should be excited about. For those that aren't up on the PC title, Planetside 2 offers a persistent war with three enormous maps, three factions, and approximately 2,000 players in a combat zone at a time. Planetside annihilates the competition in terms of scope.

Sony Online has created a free-to-play model in Planetside 2 that offers up cosmetic upgrades and short-term boosts for real money, without tipping the balance of play via finance – though some cash expenditure goes a long way in speeding along the glacial process of unlocking new weapons and vehicles. The title has already hooked 4.5 million players in the six months since it's launched, with new territories coming on this year. Russia, China, and Brazil are just three countries that have yet to join the war.

Expectedly, when the PlayStation 4 version launches, the servers will be segregated from those inhabited by PC players. The discrepancy in control precision between the two platforms makes this a smart choice.

PlayStation 4 players should expect new content to roll out simultaneously with the PC version (every two to four weeks). Additionally, Vita remote play will be enabled (as it will be with all other PS4 titles that don't require peripherals), bringing large scale combat to a portable screen.

Our first look at the PlayStation 4 version of Planetside 2 will be at Sony's SOE Live event later this summer. In the meantime, catch up on the basic idea with our extensive look at the PC version.