e3 2013

Media Molecule’s Tearaway Features Smart Vita Tactile Implementation

by Mike Futter on Jun 13, 2013 at 08:25 AM

The PlayStation Vita is a piece of hardware with so much potential. The touch screens and gyroscope are more often abused for gimmicks than used to enhance the player experience. Leave it to Media Molecule to get it right.

At the Horizon independent game press conference today, Media Molecule showed off how the world of Tearaway reacts not only to the player character, with folds in the paper-like world smoothed by the avatar’s steps. Those same reactions happen with the player interacts with the touch screen.

Rubbing on the screen smoothes creases, and tapping on the back panel can cause bumps and even rips in the environment. These  features aren’t just attractive, though seeing a human finger invade the paper world of Tearaway is a humorous and effective contrast.
Everything the Vita has to offer is integrated smoothly into the gameplay based on the video. It was a quick, smart look at one of the Vita’s most promising titles.