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e3 2013

Microsoft Still Plagued With Xbox One Messaging Problems

by Mike Futter on Jun 12, 2013 at 12:31 PM

This week started off as an uphill battle for Microsoft, which has frustrated a segment of the core market with its statements on used games and online connectivity. The situation only got more challenging when Sony dropped three consecutive bombs: no used game restrictions, no online connection requirements, and a price $100 (20 percent lower) than the Xbox One.

Yesterday, in a conversation with Geoff Keighly on Game Trailers, Microsoft president of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick had this to say when confronted with a question about online connectivity in challenging locales.

When posed the question of people who simply can't connect to the internet due to location or quality of service, Mattrick advises that those consumers simply buy an Xbox 360.

We reached out to Microsoft earlier this morning and are still awaiting their comment on the matter.