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EA Plans For Next-Gen Used Game Policy To Benefit Gamers

by Liz Lanier on Jun 12, 2013 at 10:35 AM

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau discussed the company's used games strategy for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during an E3 analyst call earlier today. 

Gibeau confirmed that EA is currently coming up with their strategy in the wake of Microsoft and Sony conferences that raised further discussion in the used games debate. While Microsoft appears to be leaving the choice of used game restrictions or fees up to individual publishers, it is still unclear what the Xbox One will or will not allow in terms of pre-owned titles.

Gibeau says that the decision that EA comes to will ultimately benefit "gamers first." With Sony's confirmation Monday that there will be no DRM restriction for the PlayStation 4, it would seem that the positive public response could have EA leaning toward less restrictions on used games rather than imposing fees or online passes for multiplayer.

Keep in mind, this information arrives shortly after EA's recent decision to nix online passes and the publisher's Sim City controversy. But the ultimate question EA will face if there are fees to play used games will likely be: "How will this benefit gamers?"

What do you think the publisher has planned for used games in the next console generation? Stay tuned for more information, and let us know in the comments.

[Source EA via GameSpot]

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