e3 2013

ESA Calls Cops On Ouya's Parking Party

by Ben Reeves on Jun 12, 2013 at 11:38 AM

The LA Convention Center is currently abuzz with activity, but the parking lot across the street is full of antics of its own, as the makers of the Ouya do battle with the organization that runs E3.

In an effort to get around paying the fees associated with being a part of E3, the makers of Ouya have set up shop in a parking lot across the street from the convention center. Unfortunately, it seems that the ESA (the association that put on E3) wasn't happy to have Ouya so close to the show. According to IGN, the ESA rented out a parking space in front of the Ouya booth, and then parked a large truck in the spot in order to block Ouya from public view.

Humorously, Ouya then rented out spaces in front of the truck and put up a bunch of signs advertising its system. Like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, things continued to escalate until the ESA called the cops to investigate the parking lot. However, once the policed discovered that Ouya’s permits were in order, they left. Is this the end for this parking lot dispute? We're hoping the two company's start exchanging "your mom" jokes, but we'll keep you posted.

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[Source: IGN]