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The Dark Sorcerer: A Comedy Experiment

by Matthew Kato on Jun 11, 2013 at 12:09 PM

Comedy is hard to get right, and that's exactly why Quantic Dream made a PS4 demo around it.

The Dark Sorcerer isn't a PlayStation 4 game, but more of a tech/thought experiment by Beyond: Two Souls/Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Of course, David Cage and the developer have done this sort of thing before with the Kara demo, but this is of a decidedly different strain.

The demo was shown at Sony's press conference to a puzzled audience, and in an entry by director David Cage at The Official PlayStation Blog, the developer says the demo showcases Quantic's PlayStation 4 engine in its first iteration.

The intent was to use the engine's tech and to once again try and push the boundaries of what kinds of emotions technology is capable of representing and drawing from gamers.

Take a look...

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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