e3 2013

Ubisoft Readying Tom Clancy MMO Shooter The Division For PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Trailer Added)

by Mike Futter on Jun 10, 2013 at 02:04 PM

Last night at a press briefing, Ubisoft Massive’s David Polfeldt revealed details about the just-announced Tom Clancy’s The Division, a next-generation MMO Shooter. The massive online title has some interesting concepts, but much is still unknown.

We know that the game takes place in a United States stricken by a terrible contagion. We also were informed that the disease was released on purpose, with the country descending into chaos after the first 72 hours. Players assume the role of sleeper agents tasked with maintaining order by any means necessary.

Ubisoft Massive has designed the title without classes and with solo play in mind. Flexible builds (medics, scientists, soldiers, and more) allow users to adapt to different situations and numbers of party members. Instanced group encounters exist, and some content will encourage multiple party members via difficulty levels that don’t scale for the number of players. Grouping up won’t be mandatory, but not doing so may delay access to tougher areas.

While the game bears Tom Clancy’s name, he hasn’t been involved in the narrative crafting. Instead, Ubisoft Massive has been working with Red Storm (creators of Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six) to create a story rooted in the plausibility for which the franchise is known. The idea for the title comes from the US Government’s highly secretive plans to restore order following an anarchic event that spins out of control.

A couple of major questions haven’t been answered yet. We know that the title will be on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (no PC version is planned). We haven’t yet been told whether the title will be subscription-based, free-to-play, or a traditional retail purchase. We also don’t know whether the contagion will be something that players need to contend with as part of their character development.

We’re interested to learn more about The Division, but there are a number of questions that need to be answered before the title is released in 2014.

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