e3 2013

Remedy Shows Off More Quantum Break

by Tim Turi on Jun 10, 2013 at 07:35 AM

Remedy’s creative director, Sam Lake, took the stage today during Microsoft’s press conference in Los Angeles, California to share more on Quantum Break. The developer is aiming to “blur the lines between gaming and television” with its Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Choices players make in the game affect what they see in the companion television show. “ The story focuses on a time-bending science experiment gone wrong. Lake showed off a section of the game involving a woman caught in the midst of an explosion frozen in time.

The protagonist, Jack, is working to correct a failed science experiment to control the flow of time, which ended up causing it to stutter and freeze.

We see a woman being thrown through the air in slow motion. The camera pans around the stalled explosion and a ribbon of blood extends from her hand. Jack wades through the paused glass and debris, clearing shards away from the victim. He pulls her from the midst of the explosion as she screams. They talk about trying to find a way to stop this as a piece of the debris begins to stutter. Apparently, she knows something that could help solve this problem. “It’s collapsing”, the woman yells. The two begin running as the explosion reignites and knocks them to the ground. A big chunk of flaming metal crashes towards them as the presentation ends.

The visuals look slick, but we're eager to learn more about how the gameplay and TV show play off each other. Check out more images from the game here.

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