e3 2013

Is The Dark Sorcerer Quantic Dream’s PS4 Game?

by Tim Turi on Jun 10, 2013 at 04:23 PM

We think Sony may have announced a new IP by Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream for PlayStation 4 during its E3 2013 press conference. The video reveals the highly detailed old man shown in David Cage’s previous emotion technology demonstration. The old man is a sorcerer speaking some magic spell, but the graphically impressive ritual ends with a twist.

The old, robed magician waves his hand around an altar as a pentagram glows red in the middle of his evil lair. Glowing particles and flames swirl with impressive detail as he speaks evil words. His twisted intent shows clearly on his face as his eyes roll and teeth clench with each magic word. An odd, green goblin henchman assists the sorcerer. The diminutive assistant has a bizarrely detailed face which toys with the uncanny valley in this editor’s opinion.

Then the sorcerer mispronounces part of spell and begins yelling cut to an unseen director. The camera pulls out to reveal the goblin and sorcerer are on a set, complete with green screens and a camera. The sorcerer asks to try give it another try, then he and the goblin begin chit-chatting about “acting” in the video game industry. The screen goes black and reveals that viewers should tune in tomorrow, June 11 for more details.

We’re not sure if The Dark Sorcerer is a game about an evil wizard or something meta involving making video games. Stay tuned for more on the intriguing new project as more develops.

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