e3 2013

Destiny Gameplay Premieres On PS4

by Matt Miller on Jun 10, 2013 at 05:07 PM

At long last, we've seen some gameplay of Bungie's big new first-person shooter.

The game opens on a desolate scene of Earth many years from now. Monsters leap onto the hulk of ruined cars. A floating dropship drops off a single warrior, and gameplay starts. As the gameplay demo continues, the player meets up with a second player in the game (played by Bungie's Jason Jones). The two partners head out together to cross through a high wall.

The first-person graphics reveal a visual display that looks similar to what fans are familiar with from Bungie's earlier work on Halo. A selection of weapons and ammo count is visible in one corner, and and a motion tracking radar appears in the upper left.

The players enter a darkened area, and trigger the use of their "Ghost", a floating flashlight entity that moves independently. As the team moves further in, they begin engaging with the Fallen, a group of monstrous enemies that leap down from the girders.

Switching between a laser machine gun and a bolt firing flare pistol, the player and his partner continue moving through the massive complex, firing off powers and weaponry as they go. The partner team ends up engaging against a larger, more powerful Fallen creature. But Jason Jones' character falls during the conflict, and afterwards, the player is able to revive the fallen Guardian.

After the fight, the two peruse a collection of loot from the fight, and then customize a brand new gun to take forward into the fight. The two take some time to compare their new weapons. Afterwards, the team heads out and passes to the far side of the wall.

Upon reaching the far side, the players join up with another player (controlling a Titan class), just before witnessing a massive explosion in the distance. This signals the beginning of a public event, where numerous players converge on the location to fight off waves of enemy troops, including a massive armored mech called a Devil Walker.

The many players engaged in the fight slowly knock away at the spider-like mech, until it finally explodes in a burst, ending the demo, and leading into a trailer for the game.

In the trailer, we get some glimpses of the story and some new locations for the game.

All told, it was an extensive and impressive presentation.  

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