State Of Decay Sells More Than 250,000 Copies In 48 Hours On Xbox Live

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 07, 2013 at 04:57 PM

State of Decay, the very recently released Xbox LIve Arcade title, is the second fastest selling Arcade title in the service's history, behind only Minecraft.

The game released on Wednesday June 5, and according to developer Undead Labs' blog, the game has already sold more than a quarter of a million copies. The studio extended a heartfelt thank you to its fans saying, "This was you. We did not have an ad budget. We didn’t have a physical copy to load onto shelves, no worldwide multimedia push, no studio reputation with millions of followers. All we had was what we believed was a great game and a great community. And make no mistake, a solid game is not enough, not in 2013. Plenty of great games wither away in obscurity. This train got rolling because you got out and pushed."

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[Source: Undead Labs]