Namco Bandai Reveals Armored Core: Verdict Day Pre-Order Bonuses

by Matt Miller on Jun 06, 2013 at 01:44 PM

The special pack is currently an exclusive to Namco Bandai’s online store.

Armored Core: Verdict Day is the latest installment in the long-running mech combat franchise, which saw its first installment way back in 1997. Verdict Day is set for release this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but if you pre-order a special version of the game through Namco Bandai’s own store, the publisher has some goodies in store for you. 

The Club Namco bundle includes the game, a CD soundtrack, an art book, and a mech figurine, but the pack won’t come cheap at $149.99. Namco Bandai offers no word on whether some variation of the bundle may also eventually be available through other retailers. 

Verdict Day continues many of the traditions the series is known for, but it’s notable that players will be able to transfer over save data from Armored Core V to access additional content in the new game – a nice bonus for longtime fans. The new installment also puts a big focus on a persistent multiplayer war, in which players can join a faction and compete for territory across the game world. 

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