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Microsoft Reveals More Xbox One Controller Tech

by Jeff Cork on Jun 06, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Some of the features of the Xbox One's new controller are obvious to Xbox 360 users, such as the redesigned d-pad, bolder text treatment on the face buttons, and textured analog sticks. Microsoft has also talked about some of the under-the-hood additions, including new trigger-mounted rumble motors. Today, the company has revealed further details on the controllers, which include better power management and smarter pairing.

The post on Xbox's official site goes over some of the features we already knew about, but it also has some new tidbits. Microsoft says that pairing controllers to the console will be faster than on the Xbox 360, thanks to LEDs on the controller that are read by Kinect. The system also determines when players aren't using the controller – such as while they're watching a movie or have left the room – and will put it in a low-power mode. It returns to its normal state when the player picks it up again. In multiplayer games, Microsoft says that Kinect can also determine when players move around or swap controllers, which could tell games to move windows in a split-screen game to adjust to a more sensible position.

Microsoft says the controller can also be used wirelessly or wired, by plugging in a micro USB cable. When the latter is being used, the device will change its settings to maintain battery life.

We'll have more on the Xbox One's controller (and the Xbox One itself) at next week's E3 show. Stay tuned.